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Set of Po emoticons for your IM


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Po is the main character of Kung Fu Panda, It is a Panda who wants to be a Kung Fu Master. Po is very friendly and promises to be one of the characters of the summer.

Now you can spice up your IM conversations thanks to the Official Kung Fu Panda emoticons. You will be able to include gestures of Po. You can even substitute the usual smileys, because the pack includes the face of Po for: Agree, cool, excited, embarrassed, sad, happy, undecided, sinister, angry and gasp.

If you are looking forward to June 6th to arrive, download this pack of emoticons and prepare your IM contacts for the arrival of the expected Kung Fu Panda

How to install Kung Fu Panda Emoticons in MSN Messenger

1. Download the Emoticons to your hard disk and 'Un-zip the archive'.
2. Launch MSN Messenger
3. Select the TOOLS menu
5. Once in the Emoticons customization menu, choose CREATE.
6. Choose the FIND IMAGE button and browse to your 'KFPemoticons' folder.
7. Select which emoticon you would like to add and click OK.
- -We recommend selecting the large size since it will be scaled to chat size
8. You may also add a keyboard shortcut and a name at this time
9. Click OK when finished
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